Earth Day—5 ways to save the planet

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planet earth

by Kim Cantrell, CFILC’s Program Director 

Earth day is today! What have you done to care for Mother Earth lately? The AT Network strives to be a good steward of our planet even as we embrace new technologies. Join the AT Network to reduce, reuse, recycle and show Mother Earth some love on her special day. Here are the AT Network’s TOP 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day in 2013: 

1. Borrow when possible. Before running to the store to buy the latest tech gadget, try it out first. Did you know that the AT Network has 14 Device Lending Libraries around the state that lend out assistive technology devices and software to people who want to try before they buy? Borrow an iPad, a Pocketalker, learning and writing aids (including Smartpens), communication devices and much more. And we ship too. Check out our current inventory by visiting the AT Exchange and searching for items available for loan. What better way to appreciate the Earth than to borrow first and only purchase items that you know will work for you?

2. Donate your used medical equipment, including walkers, wheelchairs and hospital beds, that you no longer need to one of the AT Network’s local reuse partners. You know the type of the equipment I’m talking about; the old device holding up the wall in the garage or languishing in your basement. Now is the time to dust it off and donate it to an organization that can give it new life by passing it on to someone who can really use it. And you may even qualify for a tax deduction. Everybody wins!

3. Buy used. The AT Network’s reuse partners distribute used equipment at low and no cost. Our partners post their used equipment on the AT Network’s AT Exchange. Californians can search the AT Exchange for “free” or “sale” items to find great deals on gently used equipment looking for a new home.

4. Donate your old computer equipment. Tired of looking at that old wired keyboard in the corner? Are you using your old desktop computer as a book end? If you are ready for this equipment to be used as it was intended, donate your old computer equipment to an organization that distributes refurbished computers to children and people with disabilities. Click here to check out the AT Network’s list of computer recyclers in California who do this work.

5. Check out the California Assistive Technology Reuse Coalition’s website to learn more about reuse and how extending the life cycle of assistive technology (AT) devices and medical equipment is a win-win proposition. These folks are dedicated to getting used devices into the hands of people who can use them.

Don’t forget to join the AT Network so you can continue to learn about opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle technology all year long!

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