Accessibility Already Close AT Hand: Top Built-in Accessibility Features for Apple Smart Phones – Part 1

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In the latest Ability Tools Video Newsletter, David gives tips on how to utilize the built-in accessibility functions on your Apple smart phone. Below is a list of some of the features and paths he shares in the video, but watch the video to get a step-by step walkthrough of setting up the features and demonstrations of how they work once set up.

A grey background displays black text that reads  “Accessibility Already Close AT Hand: Top Built-in Accessibility Features for Apple Smart Phones”’ Along the bottom are the Ability Tools, Apple and California Foundation for Independent Living Centers Logos.”

Reachability (Settings – Accessibility – Physical and Motor Category – Touch – Reachability)

The ‘Reachability’ feature allows you to adjust your screen size and layout to fit within the bottom half of your screen, allowing easy access to all of your screen functions with the use of one hand. This feature is a great option to be able to just quickly grab an area of your screen without needing a second hand involved or without having to shift the phone in your hand.

Magnifier (Settings – Accessibility – Vision Category – Magnifier)

The Magnifier feature allows you to use your camera as a magnifying glass, you can freeze frame to obtain a steady image, intensify magnification and adjust contrast, adjust the brightness, apply filters or activate your flashlight to brighten what you are viewing. You can even record and take screen shots!

Type to Siri (Settings – Accessibility – General Category – Siri – Type to Siri)

The Type to Siri function lets you ask Siri a question using your keyboard rather than your voice and she will provide your answer using audio and text.

LED Flash for Alerts (Settings – Accessibility – Hearing Category – Audio/Visual – Visual Category – LED Flash for Alerts)

The LED Flash for Alerts function works exactly like it sounds. It makes it so that your phone’s flash blinks when your phone rings.

Please keep in mind that the paths may not be an exact match to your device. The availability and paths may vary based on device, manufacturer, or operating system version, but if they are available, they should be in similar places. Also, once you have determined what features are useful to you and what to look for, the paths should make it easier to find the setting on your phone even if it isn’t exactly the same.