DAC Redding Community Board Game Night: Bringing youth to the table

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A group of teenage girls are gathered playing cards and smiling. Under the Where it's AT logo, the text reads DAC  Redding Community Board Game Night: - abilitytools.org/blog

Recently, Disability Action Center (DAC) has developed a youth group game night for individuals with disabilities between the ages of 14-25. This was made possible by funding from the State of California. DAC will be hosting these game nights every Friday from 3pm-7pm. This Game Night is a great opportunity for youths to socialize outside of school and work and enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere with their peers. It will also offer the parents and guardians of these youths the ability to enjoy an evening to themselves without having to worry for their child, as the game nights are staffed by Mentors employed by DAC. These Mentors have experience working with individuals with disabilities in a group setting. It is their goal to ensure everyone in attendance enjoys the time they spent at DAC.

DAC will be hosting… game nights every Friday starting from 3pm-7pm.

The activities available will include some familiar games like Uno and Monopoly. As well as some lesser known games, like Skip-Bo, Catan, and Pathfinder.

Skip-Bo is a card game in which players are trying to get rid of a stack of cards by playing them sequentially 1-12. The first player to play all the cards in their pile wins!

Catan is a settlement management game where players build roads and villages to acquire resources. The goal of the game is to get the most “Victory Points”, by building settlements and achieving certain goals, like having the longest road.

Pathfinder is a medieval fantasy tabletop role-playing game, much like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Players enjoy an open world full of opportunities to explore. They step into the role of a character in the game of their own creation and set out with the other players to interact with a world full of dynamic relationships, dangerous monsters, and unique problems. Each action taken is measured based on their character’s skills, and the player rolls dice to determine if their character succeeds. This can develop team building, social skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. However, the ultimate goal for the Youth Group Game Night is for everyone to have fun!

Youth Group Game Night is for everyone to have fun!

If you live near Redding, California are interested in you or your child attending Game Night, call Disability Action Center at (530) 242-8550 to speak with Carrie Arthur, the Youth Group Coordinator.