Organize Your Notes with the Evernote App

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Featured App: Evernote

By Jay Aquino
Administrative Projects Coordinator
Disability Community Resource Center

Screenshot: Text: New Note. Menu options: Text Note - Pen and paper icon. Snapshot Note - Paper and camera lens icon. Saved Photo Note. Paper with paperclipped photo. Voice Note. Paper with microphone icon. Tips Tab. Bottom tabs: New Note: Document icon with plus sign. Notes: Folder icon. Favorites: Star icon. Pending: circular arrows icon. Account: Gear icon.
Screenshot of the Evernote Screen

Evernote is a note-taking app that allows the user to access information they input exactly when they need it. Although there is a default note-taking app available for smart devices, this is a more robust option that can assist people with memory loss or learning disabilities.

The app offers solutions for diligent note takers and people with disabilities as an assistive technology. The additional features give the user the option to save and create searchable notes with additional information beyond text. It can be used at work, at school, or even in everyday life.

Whether the user chooses to type the notes or scan handwritten notes, you can also add to-do’s, web pages, audio, images, photos, etc. And this information is searchable instantly! Evernote allows the user to synchronize across devices and organize the notes as needed.

Evernote’s main features:

  • Scan through your handwritten notes instantly.
    All thoughts and ideas can be captured as notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists that are instantly searchable.
  • Take and store notes in multiple ways.
    The notes can be created in different formats, including sketches, texts, photos, screenshots, audio, web pages, image files, etc.
  • Scan and capture.
    The app’s camera feature can scan and digitize documents, handwritten notes, business cards, whiteboards, drawings, and more so they can be organized.
  • Connect your Google Account.
    Synchronization (saving identical files in more than one location) is possible across computers, phones, and tablets by creating an account with Evernote or using a Google account. This allows the user to work across multiple devices.
  • Store private notes securely.
    There is an option to add a pass code lock to the app for additional privacy.
  • Share notes with your team.
    Share and discuss with the people who they work with also using the app.
  • Create business documents.
    Create agendas, memos, presentations, and more. The documents can be annotated and shared.
Overview of Evernote Features

There are additional options available with Evernote Premium.

This app is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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