Featured App: SuperVision+ Magnifier

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By Jay Aquino
Administrative Projects Coordinator
Disability Community Resource Center

Apps like SuperVision+ Magnifier can assist in anyone’s journey to become more independent. 

Photo of a person taking a cell phone photo of a dollar bill. The phone screen shows a large image of Washington's face.
SuperVision+ Magnifier

It’s a magnifying glass app for your smart phone that specializes in live image stabilization. It is designed to assist low-vision or visually impaired users and can be used easily with one or two hands. 

And at the moment, this app is available for free!

It can be used for various magnifying purposes, from reading small print on documents to seeing street sign in the distance, and everything
in between!

Users have utilized the app to see phone numbers, menu items,
addresses, instructional manuals, various small prints, etc. The app can even turn your phone into a microscope, by holding your device close to a small object.

SuperVision+ Magnifier app allows users to:

Magnifier zooms in on small print.
  • Magnify (make images larger)
    To magnify, the user can either stretch or pinch to enlarge the screen and bring the screen back to its original size. There is also a slider on the right side that serves the same function. 
  • Stabilize (hold images still)
    • To activate stabilization, just press the screen and hold.
    • There is an option to stabilize vertically or horizontally to allow for reading movement.
    • Hide buttons by double tapping the screen. This allows for the max amount of viewing space on the screen.
    • The pin button in the bottom left can be used to stabilize the whole image.
  • Save images
    • Freeze the screen by pressing the lock button on the
      bottom right. While the screen is frozen, pressing the save button on the bottom left corner allows for the screenshot to be saved.
      • Press the upper right icon in the middle of the lower part of the screen to look at images you have saved.
  • Brighten (use the flashlight)
    • The lightning button uses the app’s flashlight function.
  • Invert images
    • By pressing the inversion button on the second from the top left, you can turn the app into an inverted black-and-white image mode.

SuperVision+ Magnifier has been highlighted in the American Foundation for the Blind’s Technology News for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired.

This app is FREE and available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.