Happy Halloween! Creative Costume Ideas for People That Use a Wheelchair

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There have been many pictures floating around on the internet of creative costume ideas for people that use wheelchairs.   
Here are a couple of websites that have some great compilations of Halloween costumes:

These costumes are fun to look at and obviously many of them took a considerable amount of time to make.  So, how does someone go about creating their own unique design?  Check out the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s Paralysis Resource Center’s page for some more ideas and specific instructions on wheelchair costume design. This page will inspire you to re-create one of these amazing costume ideas or to come up with your own desgin idea.  On this page, there is even a how-to video where they show the viewers how to create a flower-in-a-garden costume for a young girl that uses a wheelchair.

Another great site that includes links to instructions for making some unique costumes a reality is called DIY – 25 Halloween Costumes for Wheelchairs.    

Finally, we also found this site, Coolest Wheelchair Costumes, that includes even more links to instructions -including some preparation tips- should you decide that you are ready to create a similar design yourself.

Have you incorporated AT into your Halloween costume? Or, have you thought of a great costume that uses your AT? Tell us about it! Write in the comment box below to share your Halloween AT costume idea.  
Enjoy the photos and have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! 

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