New Year New Tech

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As we step into the New Year, many of us are making resolutions to be the best versions of ourselves. What better way to achieve that than by indulging in activities that bring us joy? Here’s the good news: The Ability Tools Team has compiled a wide range of Assistive Tech Tools ready to enhance your hobbies, giving you more solutions to do more of what you love in 2024!

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Adaptive Kitchen Tools:

Various adaptive kitchen tools are available to enhance accessibility for individuals facing challenges such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, or limited hand mobility. Examples of these tools include easy-grip utensils, ergonomic knives, like the Homecraft Reflex Carving Utensils, and adaptive cutting boards. These specially designed implements enable individuals to effortlessly tackle kitchen tasks without exerting undue strain on their hands, providing a practical solution for those with specific disabilities. Checkout our recent Holiday Blog –‘Tis the Season for Festive Feasting! for even more creative kitchen gadgets.

Voice-Activated Assistants:

Voice-Activated Assistants, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, offer a hands-free solution for individuals facing mobility or visual impairments. Users can seamlessly control kitchen appliances, set timers, and access recipes through simple voice commands. This technology is particularly valuable for those with mobility impairments, allowing them to navigate kitchen tasks more easily, and for individuals with visual impairments, providing an accessible means of interacting with smart home devices.


Graphic Tablets with Stylus:

Graphic Tablets with Stylus, such as Wacom Intuos and Huion Inspiroy. These innovative tools empower artists to craft digital art with precision. Thanks to the incorporation of pressure-sensitive styluses, these tablets enhance the creative experience for those with fine motor skill impairments, enabling them to express their artistic vision with greater control and accuracy.

3D Printing Pens:

3D Printing Pens, like the 3Doodler, and the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display open up creative possibilities for users. These pens allow individuals to make art more accessible, by translating visual ideas into tangible and tactile forms. Still unsure which is best for your needs, check out Chicago Tribune’s BEST 3D PENS.


Adaptive Brushes and Tools:

Adaptive grip brushes, are designed to address the needs of individuals with specific physical challenges. The larger grips and extended handles of these brushes are particularly useful for individuals with limited hand control or strength. Tools, such as Dycem non-slip mats can be used to keep canvases in place additionally, there are a wide variety of easels designed for better accessibility while in a seated position.

Digital Painting Software:

Digital Painting Software, represented by notable applications like Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Corel Painter introduces a new dimension to artistic expression. Offering customizable interfaces and touch controls, this software is a more accessible digital painting experience, it empowers individuals with mobility impairments or fine motor skill challenges to navigate and engage with the creative process.


Adaptive Sports Equipment:

Adaptive Sports Equipment, as advertised here on Move United Sports offers an impressive list of wheelchair-adapted sports equipment like AmTryke which offers various leg assists that aid in positioning for adaptive cyclist riders. Knee separation, adduction, and abduction can be addressed with these items, helping riders achieve successful riding experiences. Adaptive golf clubs, like the Swingless Golf Club and golf club teeing device and golf claw represents a significant stride towards inclusivity in the sport of golf. Adaptive Rock Climbing equipment showcases customized gear specifically tailored to cater to the diverse physical abilities of individuals with the unique needs associated with mobility impairments and amputations.

Audio-Based Fitness Apps:

Audio-Based Fitness Apps, like Aaptiv and Zombies, Run!, represent a innovative approach to fostering inclusivity in fitness and sports. These applications leverage audio cues and instructions that can be used by individuals with visual impairments to assist users in engaging in various fitness activities. By relying on auditory guidance, these apps bridge accessibility gaps and additionally cater to the needs of individuals struggling to keep workouts interesting and fun!

App review of Zombies, Run! by Always Doing


Adaptive Musical Instruments:

Adaptive Musical Instruments, such as Arcana Strum, Tapwithus Tap Strap 2 (Large) – Wearable keyboard, and accessible drum kits, introduce innovative solutions for individuals facing physical disabilities that affect hand function. These instruments are thoughtfully designed for easy manipulation, offering individuals with specific physical challenges the opportunity to engage in musical expression. For a list of more great accessible music instruments checkout our previous blogs Accessible Music: Beginners, and Accessible Music: Advanced.

Music Notation Software:

Music Notation Software, exemplified by Lime Aloud and Goodfeel, represents a transformative tool in the realm of music accessibility. This software, designed with a focus on inclusivity, converts musical notes into either visual or tactile feedback. This innovative approach aids users with visual impairments in both reading and creating music.


Screen Readers and Audiobooks:

Screen Readers and Audiobooks, represented by examples like JAWS (Job Access With Speech) and Audible, play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility for individuals with specific reading challenges. These technologies leverage text-to-speech software to assist those with visual impairments, learning and cognitive disabilities in accessing written content. By converting written material into spoken words, screen readers and audiobooks provide an alternative means of consuming information, ensuring that individuals can engage with written content effectively.

Braille Displays:

Braille Displays, like the BrailleNote Touch, are instrumental in providing tactile access to digital content. These displays enable blind or visually impaired individuals to read and navigate digital information by rendering it in braille. The tactile feedback offered by these devices enhances accessibility in the digital realm, allowing individuals with visual impairments or blindness to engage with and comprehend digital content effectively.

Cheers to a year filled with happiness, growth, and the pursuit of doing more of the activities we love. Let’s embrace 2024 with the joy of pursuing our passions, aided by technology and the commitment to make this year amazing!