Disorganized? Need a reminder? There is an app for that.

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by Kim Cantrell, Program Director

Do you struggle to remember your daily tasks and to stay organized? If so, you are not alone. The popularity of organization apps demonstrates that most of us can use a little help managing our day-to-day lives. No matter your specific needs, chances are, there is an app for that.

Below are some of our favorite organization and reminder apps to help you get things done.

image of a cell phone with the text minder app on it showing reminders for takeing medication, takeing out trash, paying bills and checking furnace filter with dates, etc.

Grocery IQ (iOS, Android, Free) helps you build grocery shopping lists using text, barcode or voice search. Also, sync and share lists with other devices and people. Grocery IQ allows you to keep a list of your favorite items and view your purchase history.

Textminder (iOS $1.99) This app allows you to create and schedule unlimited SMS text reminders to be sent to your iPhone or other primary phone. Remind yourself to take medication, eat, bills, chores, work tasks, etc. and set recurring reminders.

Keeper Password Manager (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Free) Are you drowning in passwords? Keeper Password Manager is a very popular and secure app that saves your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts and other personal information in an encrypted private digital vault that is designed to be unbreakable.

AudioNote (iOS = $2.99, Android = $4.99, Mac, PC) allows you to take notes synced with audio. When you play the recording, your text and drawings highlight at appropriate times to help you remember the context in which the note was taken. Great for school, work and projects.

Evernote (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Free) a very popular app that allows you to write notes and to-do lists on your phone, computer or tablet and have them saved across all of your devices. In addition you can save photos, record voice reminders and save webcam notes. All notes, including photos and PDFs, are easily searchable from any of your devices.

Brevity (iOS, 99¢) This is a really fast and accurate word completion app to help you increase your writing speed, spelling accuracy and productivity.

These are only a sampling of apps to help you stay on top of things. Georgia’s Tools for Life program created the AppFinder database to index apps for living, learning, working and playing. Check it out to find other apps to help you stay organized.

screenshot capture of the georgia tech appfinder page which show a search bar and various AT potions such as AAC, art, computer access, etc.

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