Connecting Californians to Assistive Technology (AT) Devices and Services

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There are 29 independent living centers with 30 additional branch offices around the state. Each ILC has AT Advocates on staff.  They are community based, information and referral specialists who can assist consumers with a variety of assistive technology issues. They work at Independent Living Centers in California. Services map showing where all of California's ILC's are located AT Advocates can:

  • Provide information on assistive technology
  • Provide referrals to qualified AT professionals for evaluations, assessments and training
  • Help locate vendors, services and funding resources
  • Make outreach and community education presentations
  • …and much more

To learn more about Ability Tools’ Independent Living Centers, please visit

Submitted by Access to Independence (A2I), San Diego CA

Angelica Gomez has been a consumer of Access to Independence for several years.  She had worked with Ruben Ceballos on housing resources because she is currently homeless.  In addition to being homeless in San Diego, she had a badly damaged manual wheelchair that had front wheels that almost prevented her Photo of Ms. Gomez sitting and smiling in her new scooter from going in a straight direction.  It would take her a long time and great effort to get around and this was especially true when getting on and off the MTS Trolley or Bus. It actually became dangerous for her.

After contacting John Gray at Physical Therapy for All, a donated used electric scooter was located and made available to Angelica with the help of Ruben and Assistive Technology Service Coordinator Tom Riis.   Arrangements were made for all involved to meet at Access to Independence Mission Valley office to get the scooter to Angelica and train her in its safe use since she had not used a power chair before.   Angelica said “This scooter is a life saver for me.  Now I can get around to appointments and to search for permanent housing.”

In collaboration with San Diego Access to Independence, the Ability Tools Southern California will have an in-person presentation about A2I’s programs with an emphasis on the Assistive Technology Program as well as the Older Individuals Who Are Blind (OIB) Program on Tuesday, February 28th in San Diego, CA. For registration details, please visit Ability Tools’ Training Registration Web Page at


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