Accessing AT For Education

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Caleb, a high school student in Long Beach reached out to Disabled Resources Center (DRC) for support using his laptop. While meeting with Samantha Mam, DRC’s Assistive Technology Specialist, he shared that, because of his disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome and Buerger’s Disease, after using the computer for an extended period of time his hand and fingers get numb and he needs to take a long break.

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With school being online, Caleb needed a solution to help him access his laptop more comfortably for longer periods of time. Disabled Resources Center is an Ability Tools Device Lending and Demonstration Center (DLDC), so Samantha was able to show Caleb a laptop with Dragon Naturally Speaking software on it and practice using it together.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a software program that allows the user to access their computer using their voice. You can speak commands and use speech-to-text to quickly write up documents, emails, or messages.

Through the Ability Tools NATADS Inventory, Caleb was able to take home a laptop with Dragon Naturally Speaking software installed for a free thirty-day loan to see if this assistive technology (AT) solution would support him with online learning. He loved the software and was grateful that DRC was able to introduce him to the AT. After completing his thirty-day loan, Caleb decided that Dragon Naturally Speaking was a good AT solution for his online learning. He asked his parents to purchase the software to use on his personal laptop and is now able to access school more comfortably and confidently.

If only I can find a program to help me with everything

– Caleb, A High School Student in Long Beach

Caleb shared that he now enjoys school and working on his computer. He stated, “If only I can find a program to help me with everything”. While DLDC’s may not “help with everything”, they do have a ton of AT solutions. Find your nearest DLDC here and reach out to request a demonstration or device loan today!