Abilities Expo 2024 – LATest & GreATest

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Welcome back to our blog series on Abilities Expo 2024! In this sequel, Abilities Expo 2024: LATest and GreATest, we’ll spotlight two more CFILC programs, the Disability Organizing (DO) Network and YO! Disabled & Proud, along with highlighting standout vendors and creators from the event. Join us as we explore further into the world of accessibility and empowerment!

A black tablecloth with colorful magnetic men, a white picture book and small round multicolored animals. Below the Where It's AT logo, text reads "Abilities Expo 2024 LAtest and GreATest - AbilityTools.org"

Disability Organizing (DO) Network and YO! Disabled & Proud!

This year, we had fellow CFILC programming right across from the Ability Tools Showcase booth providing information on Disability Organizing (DO) Network and YO! Disabled & Proud.

A table with a bright green, blue and white tablecloth displays flyers and sheets of paper. The words "DO Network Disability Organizing) and on the green is "Organizing for Accessible Communities Where we live, work, learn, shop, play and vote!" are across the front of the tablecloth.

The Disability Organizing (DO) Network makes sure that people with disabilities are at the center of the discussions that impact their lives. The Disability Organizing Network works to unite the disability community and facilitate the recognition of disabled voices as decision makers in California.

A table with a black and yellow table cloth displays black bags yellow flyers. The words "Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud Connecting, Organizing Educating Youth with Disabilities
are across the front of the table cloth.

YO! Disabled and Proud connects, organizes, and educates youth with disabilities! YO! gives youth leadership opportunities, social networks, resources and more. YO! is for youth with disabilities to be PROUD of who we are and what we can achieve!


This section is dedicated to the latest innovative items showcased at this year’s Abilities Expo! Dive into the forefront of accessibility and innovation as we highlight groundbreaking assistive technology innovations that captured our attention at the event. Explore the remarkable products below that are making waves in the disability community and shaping the future of accessibility:


Three woman stand smiling in front of an Ability Tools Banner. The woman in the middle is holding up a black device for the arm with four Velcro straps

Move-D was developed as a humanitarian effort to help one young patient with an uncommon form of cerebral palsy. This product provides an orthotic solution for upper-extremity support that can be adapted to stabilize tremors in other pediatric patients.

Imaginable Guided Hands

Price: $629.00

Guided Hands™ is an assistive device that helps anyone with limited hand mobility to write, paint, draw and access technology through touch-screen devices.

If you require financing options or do not see your country listed at checkout, please email the team at [email protected]

Check out the TikTok below of one of our CFILC staff testing this device:


Here is a demonstration from our friends @ImaginAble Solutions! They showed us their writing assitive tool called “Guided Hands” and how it helps with fine motor skills for hands @abilities_expo #AbilitiesExpo #CFILC #ILC #AssistiveTechnology #ImaginAbleSolutions

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iBolt Mounts

A person sits in a blue wheelchair. There is a black Tablet mount attached to the wheelchair with a silver tablet that the man is using his hands to interact with.

Price: starts at $29.95

iBolt is a manufacturer of heavy-duty mounting solutions for mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, cameras, ELD devices, Garmin, GoPro cameras, etc. They have over 300+ different modular parts and products that can be combined to create a unique mounting solution for you.

AttenTo Board

A white pegboard with colorful pegs holds up a blue bowl with fruit, a blue plate with sandwich and Goldfish and a white cup with red juice.

Price: $60.00

Elevate everyday independence with The Achievement Board, thoughtfully engineered to enhance the autonomy of individuals with disabilities. Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, this board is both lightweight and sturdy, making it ideal for a wide range of users.

Check out the video below to see the AttenTo Board in action:

ATtention Grabbers

Here are some honorable mentions or attention grabbers that the Ability Tools team found exciting and interesting that we would like to share with you all. Please see the list below for just a few of our favorites:

  • Wheeleez™ inc. – Wheeleez™ unique beach wheels are the number one choice by other wheelchair makers worldwide for their beach wheelchairs production.
  • Atlas Assistance Dogs – Atlas fundamentally expands access to assistance dogs. They support people with disabilities to train and certify their own service dog using positive, ethical training methods.
  • Adaptable Sports Program – Adaptive Sports Programming through the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks District.
  • AngelCitySports.org – Adaptive Sports Programming for kids, adults & veterans with physical disabilities or visual impairments located in Los Angeles.
  • USTASoCal – Provides accessible adult tennis programming.
  • Feeldom Life Classic Wheelchair Bag – A great mobility solution, designed to fit all types and sizes of wheelchairs.
  • MyIDShop – A medical ID bracelet that links to your own online profile.
  • Grab Bar Specialists – Grab Bar Specialists provide quality grab bars and accessibility safety equipment meeting all ADA guidelines.
  • Active Project – The largest community of adaptive organizations and athletes.
  • SAMi Alert – Real-time alerts to sustained movement and motion triggered recordings.
  • 2liv4 – A platform to champion people with disabilities by sharing insights, resources, and inspiration to seek and find 2LIV4 moments and experiences.
  • The Sony Aibo – A one-of-a-kind companion that is made possible by pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique AI technology. Check out a fun video of Olive, an Aibo friend of Ability Tools, and a bio service animal interacting at the expo:

We had a blast at this year’s expo and look forward to seeing you all in attendance next year!

To get more information on Ability Tools parent organization, CFILC, or any of its programs please visit our website!