Abilities Expo 2024 – Ability Tools

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Bursting with a kaleidoscope of vendors, visionary creators, mesmerizing live demos, and unforgettable performances, this event was unmissable. Come along as we unveil the most thrilling moments from our view at the Ability Tools Showcase Booth!

An Ability Tools banner is displayed over purple curtains. On a table beneath the banner, smart home devices are displayed. Beneath the Where it's AT logo, text reads,  "Abilities Expo 2024 Ability Tools - AbilityTools.org"

At the Ability Tools showcase booth, visitors enjoyed immersive, hands-on experiences with assistive technology (AT) tailored to enhance daily living, autonomy and independence. The dedicated Ability Tools team was on site to provide insights and answer inquiries about various devices and AT services.

A woman in a black shirt is standing beside a table of switch adapted devices. Several people play with the devices and test the switches.

3D Printed Devices

Inviting the crowd to the Ability Tools showcase booth, expo visitors were captivated by our display of 3d printed assistive technology (AT) devices for daily living. Showcasing cost-effective alternatives to manufactured products, highlights included Flipper the Clipper (an adaptive nail clipper), an assistive nail polish applicator, an adjustable cane holder, and a gas cap opener—all created using an Ender 3 Pro Printer, retailing on Amazon.com for $200-250. Here is a PDF that links directly to information on how to create your own version of these items.

Ability Tools Pro Tip:

If owning a 3D Printer isn’t feasible, consider utilizing local library services which often offers affordable 3D printing options, charging only for the filament. For instance, our nail polish holder/applicator can be printed for just 55¢. Additionally, explore online 3D printing communities on social media for shared prints, tips, and tricks.

Switch Adapted Devices

A table with black tablecloth holds switch adapted device. A purple tablet is attached to the table with several other learning and cognition devices displayed in the background.

This year, our switch adapted devices section showcased how easy it is to adapt your own devices. Attendees could test out items like bunnies, a talking cactus, a bubble machine, and a toy dog. Plus, we featured an iPad displaying videos from Switched Adapted Toys, a favorite youtuber. Check out a YouTube Short below from their channel:

A huge shoutout to Dana and the rest of the Switched Adapted Toys crew for allowing us to show off their videos this year at our booth!

Abilities Expo Crowd Favorites:

Dancing Mimicking Cactus

A Pbooo Dancing Cactus

Price: $17.99

The talking cactus wowed passersby testing our switch-adapted devices, demonstrating how easy and fun device adaptation can be! Check out a TikTok we made that features this item at our booth:


Ability Tools at @abilities_expo for day number 2! We had the chance to meet so many amazing attendees abd showcase our wide variety of accesaible texhnology. Take a look at what we did! #AbilitiesExpo #CFILC #ILC #AssistiveTechnology

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Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) and Adaptive Gaming Kit

A XBOX Adapted controller and Logitech adaptive gaming kit.

Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) Price: $99.99

Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit Price: $99.99

Another hit was our Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) from Xbox and Adaptive Gaming Kit from Logitech, demonstrating to attendees that switches have been adapted for gaming and are now readily available on the market at affordable prices!

Ability Tools Pro Tip:

Did you know that the switches included in the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit mentioned earlier can also function as individual switches for adapting devices? They can be utilized just like your typical jellybean switch, and you can get them in a pack for the same price as one jellybean switch typically costs!

Learning And Cognition Table

A woman in a black sweater shows another woman a magnetic man fidget toy. Another person is in the background watching the two interact.

Our Learning and Cognition table this year featured a range of sensory devices and communication items that captivated both children and adults.

Abilities Expo Crowd Favorites:

C-Pen Text-To-Speech Reader

A C-Pen Reader

Price: $295

The C-Pen is a portable scanning device that scans printed text and converts it into audible content, aiding in independent access to information and enhancing reading comprehension.

Fidget Hand Muff Dog

A Fidget Muff Dog

Price: $37.99

The Fidget Hand Muff Dog provides people with tactile and emotional support through its plush design and sensory elements like textured fabrics and buttons. Its friendly dog design offers companionship and comfort, helping to ease feelings of loneliness or anxiety.

Calming Breathing Buddy

A guided breathing nightlight with eight multi-colored smaller versions of the device in the top left corner of the image, beneath those versions is the box and pouch it comes with.

Price: $21.95

Meditate with the Calming Breathing Buddy, a wonderful tool that can aid in emotional regulation, reduce stress and anxiety, boost mindfulness, and restore calm focus with its three breathing modes and soothing colors.

Smart Home & Transition/Diversion Devices

An Ability Tools banner is displayed over purple curtains. On a black Ability Tools tablecloth, smart home devices and daily living devices are displayed.

We dedicated a section to smart home and transition/diversion devices, exploring the realm of both low-tech and high-tech assistive technology geared towards enhancing accessibility and independence.

Abilities Expo Crowd Favorites:

Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Motion Sensor

An Aeotec SmartThings Motion Sensor.

Price: $49.90

The Samsung SmartThings Magnetic Motion Sensor is a motion sensor that can detect movement in your home, then triggering alerts or prompting connected devices to turn on and off.

Disability Disaster Access and Resources (DDAR)

A woman with a black shirt and jeans interacts with a man and woman at a table displaying emergency kit items.

Visitors to our booth were also able to receive personalized emergency preparedness assistance from our sister program, DDAR, who addressed inquiries, offered suggestions, and showcased how assistive technology (AT) can provide invaluable support for both individuals and their loved ones during emergencies.

DDAR Pro Tip:

Have you thought about including items in your emergency kit to aid in cognitive, verbal, auditory, or mobility challenges during an emergency? Our DDAR department recommends adding any necessary devices to ensure your emergency kit is comprehensive and effective.

In our upcoming partner blog, Abilities Expo 2024: LATest and GreATest, we’ll continue our coverage of the LA Abilities Expo! This time, we’ll spotlight two additional CFILC programs who tabled at the expo:
The Disability Organizing (DO) Network and Youth Organizing (YO!) Disabled & Proud.
Additionally, we’ll highlight standout vendors and creators that caught our attention during the event.

To get more information on Ability Tools parent organization, CFILC, or any of its programs please visit our website!