A.T. That Works For A Working Actor

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image of Andy sitting down with a man and a women in an interview setting for televisionAndy Arias is on the move. He’s a Policy Advisor at US Department of Labor, a very active advocate in both the disability and the LGBTQ communities. Also, he’s known an actor whose credits can be found on IMDb, also known as Internet Movie Database.

None of these roles would be possible for Andy without the use of assistive devices and programs. Here are a few items Andy can’t live without:


I have cerebral palsy. Typing for me has always been difficult. This really works well for me on many levels – typing documents or personal messages. Having the ability to speak to type and hear what I’ve written allows me to proofread anything that I create.image of dragon naturally speaking software box

Voice recognition software programs available in the AT Exchange

Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Smartphone – Having voice command ability on my smartphone. When I drive, I have to keep my hands on the steering wheel. Having any kind of voice command on my phone allows me to multitask. Commanding by my voice helps a lot.


Social Media – Meeting people with a disability online has helped with social aspects of life. It’s given me a broader network. Having an online presence has helped to market me as an entertainer and as a professional.


Without AT in my car, I wouldn’t be able to drive. Without driving, I would be unemployed. This goes for both my day job and my entertainment job. When I notice for auditions, I need to be able to leave at the drop of a hat. I can’t always schedule rides 24 hours in advance.

Vehicle Accessories available in the AT Exchangewheelchair with a power assist motorized wheel attached to the back with 'smartdrive' printed on it

Hand control – These allow me to control the brakes and acceleration in the car. Cushion – The JAY® Basic wheelchair cushion. Device to lift me forward, so I can see over the steering wheel

Curved Rear View Mirror – Allows me to see without having to turn my head. I can see my blind spots.”

SmartDrive – power assist device. Enables me to walk in a timely manner, without having to destroy my body.

image og Andy sitting in his wheelchair with is hands together, tape over mouth, and NO H8 painted on his cheek Where can you see Andy next?

He’s currently working on documentary for National Geographic and can be seen in the film “My Next Breath,” featuring artists, actors, performers, dancers, and singers with disabilities scheduled for release in 2019.

And if you can’t wait until 2019, you can catch “Wednesdays with Andy,” every Wednesday via Facebook Live on 9:30 EST

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