2015 AT Video Contest – It’s an Exciting New Year with Ability Tools!

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logo of AT video contest: says show off your Assistive Technology 2015 video contest with side yellow leaves framing it

Ability Tools just recently opened a nationwide contest where participating contestants could potentially win $500!

The purpose of the contest is to showcase the creative ways people with disabilities use assistive technology (AT) in their daily lives. Many people with disabilities use AT to accomplish tasks they otherwise could not. Sometimes they modify a commercial device or improvise their own device to meet a specific need. By sharing your ideas and the solutions you created, you can motivate and inspire others who are looking for solutions of their own.

Five finalists will be selected from submitted videos and posted to the Ability Tools Channel on YouTube. Online voting by the public will determine the winner. The winning video will be featured on the new Ability Tools website.

Check out our video announcing this exciting contest!

Do you use any AT?  Record yourself using it and you could win $500!  We will pick the top five videos based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the audio and visuals [Was the video easy to hear? Were graphics and images clear?]
  2. Creativity of the video
  3. Explanation of the AT used
  4. AT was the focus of the video
  5. The AT was featured as a solution that meets a functional need of a person with a disability
  6. The video shows positive images of people with disabilities being independent by using the device
  7. The message was easy to understand

Good Luck!

We are looking forward to watching your videos and post them on our new website and on our social media sites.

Did you know that Ability Tools also offers FREE trainings, both online and in-person for anyone interested in learning more about assistive technology (AT)?

Our new website features a brand new calendar, an easy registration process including reminders and captioning, as well as an easily searchable archived training library covering many AT-related topics.

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