Liftware Level: A utensil for people with motion related disorders

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By now, you must have seen or heard about this new steady spoon/ utensil that lets people with hand tremors eat without spilling and dropping their food. Liftware Level, a new motorized spoon, is designed for people who have limited hand and arm mobility because of Cerebral Palsy, Huntington’s Disease, spinal cord injuries, or post stroke deficits. Thanks to built in sensors, motors and an on board computer, Level monitors hand tremors and makes sure that the spoon is held at the correct angle, and is steady even when someone’s hand is shaking.

Liftware packaging showing a pouch, spoon attachment, leveling handle, strap, and charger.

How Does It Work?

Liftware Level has sensors inside of it that monitor hand movement. Whenever changes in the intended hand movement are detected, the sensors direct two built in motors in the handle to bend the flexible grey part of the utensil, thus keeping the attachment, that holds the food at the right angle.

Liftware fork showing the the internal computer in the handle off the fork

How To Use It?

Liftware Level consists of a handle and an attachment for food – a soup spoon or fork. As soon as an attachment is connected, Liftware Level is ready for use. A single charge lasts up to 3 meals.

Try Before You Buy

The starter kit for Liftware Level, which costs $195, comes with the handle, a soup spoon attachment, strap, charger, and a travel pouch. However, before making this investment, if you want to try it out first so you or your loved one feels comfortable with it, you can do so by visiting one of the many clinics in the United States where it can trialed. You can find a map of all clinics here. Some of our Device Lending Libraries are listed on this map like, FREED, ILRCSF, SVILC, CCATC, and SDATC. To check out a Liftware device from one of Ability Tools Devive Lending Libraries visit our AT Exchange.

Liftware level can either be bought directly from their website or from Amazon.

User Guide & FAQs

The user guide for Liftware Level can be downloaded here. It explains how to use, recharge, and clean Liftware Level. For more information on the product, read the FAQs here.

Watch the following video to see how someone can use Liftware Level effectively.

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