Emergency Preparedness Gifts for the Holidays

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A table covered in emergency related assistive technology. Under the Where it's AT and Disability Disaster Access and Resources Program logo, the text reads Emergency Preparedness Gifts for the Holidays - abilitytools.org

Emergency preparedness is something we all know is important. Yet some of us have a harder time doing the actual prep. What better way to show your loved ones that you care by providing them the necessary tools they would otherwise never provide themselves? Below is a list of Emergency Related items to gift your not-so prepared loved ones this holiday season.

1. Portable 4 in 1 Jump Starter with Air Compressor

This Portable Jump Starter is a perfect Emergency device for your loved ones who love to hit the road. It is not just a battery booster and air compressor, it also comes equipped with a portable power bank, LED flashlight, fast charger and USB compatibility. The battery linked below also provides a 12-month warranty on the jump starter clamps, inflatable hose, nozzle adapters, USB-C cable, Storage and Packing Bag. Gift this AT to never leave your loved one without assistance.

$159 Jump Starter with Air Compressor

2. Jetboil Zip Cooking System

This portable stove burner and cooking cup is an innovative way to cook on the go. This device can be useful during blackouts, emergency events or just your average camping trip. The drink-through lid features a pour spout making it easily accessible to drink. This stove burner requires a 100g fuel canister that can be stored inside the cup after usage. Making it the perfect gift for those in high risk areas for black outs.

$87.95 Portable Stove Burner and Cooking Cup

3. Mountain House Dehydrated Meals                      

Dehydrated meals and food storage are not just for dooms day preppers and back country backpackers. These packs of food come in a variety of different flavors that are extremely beneficial if you and your loved ever find yourself in a position where traditional cooking is just not an option.  This gift is perfect for family members who love the outdoors, don’t have accessibility to cook independently or live in high-risk areas. Just add water!

$10-$40 Mountain House Dehydrated Meals

4. Portable Power Station: Solar Option   

This portable power station is a perfect gift for your loved ones who are in rural areas more prone to power shut offs. The solar option is a great alternative power source in case of emergencies. The model linked below has a guaranteed 10-year warranty equipped with a drop-proof design.

$250 Portable Power Station

5. Portable Clip-on Fan, Mini Handheld Fan

This versatile product is perfect for your loved ones in hot or humid temperatures. Once charged this battery can last 8 hours and can be handheld, or mounted to strollers, cars, etc. 

$22 Portable Clip-On Fan

6. Rechargeable Outdoor LED Headlamps, Flashlight

Protect your loved ones this holiday season with these rechargeable LED headlamps. This product is perfect for emergency events, hiking, camping, or more. Included with the headlamp, you will receive one storage bag and a USB rechargeable cable. Included with a one-year quality assurance. 

$19 Rechargeable Outdoor LED Headlamp/Flashlight

7. WaterBoB Emergency Water Storage

Water is an important yet overlooked necessity when it comes to emergency preparedness. This WaterBoB emergency water storage is an affective way to store clean drinking water during a state of emergency. All you need is a bathtub.

 $39.90 WaterBoB Emergency Water Storage

8. Portable Water Pump Filter

This portable water pump is perfect for emergency events where no bathtub is nearby. This system can reach up to 100,000 gallons. Included in this product is a transparent cup that is perfect for multiple people to drink or cook with.

$44 Portable Water Filter/Pump

9. Emergency Preparedness Books

For those loved ones who enjoy being just as prepared as you, a book with tips and tricks for emergency preparedness may be the perfect gift. Below are two great books with resources and tips on the subject.

$13.50 When the Power is Gone

$21.50 How to Prepare for Everything

10. Pop Up Lantern

Just as it sounds this lantern is compact and perfect for any emergency events. The handle makes it easy to hold or hang and lasts hours with the long battery life.

$5.50 Pop up Lantern 

Emergency preparedness is a concept perfect for the gift giving holidays. Provide your loved ones with safety and security by preparing them for all emergency events. Keep your budget this season by joining a price tracker, like the Camal Amazon Price Tracker, for your favorite items above. Be alerted when they go on sale, and make sure you stay in budget while providing caring and thoughtful gifts.