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Written by: Farah Musallam

Farah sitting in her chair showing off the purple detailing on the rims of her chairGrowing up and using a wheelchair I was self conscious about how different I looked from other kids my age. In elementary school, I was the only student in the entire school that used a wheelchair and I obviously knew I was different, especially when all I wanted was to be like everyone else and to fit in.

Every wheelchair I owned until I was twenty-years-old made me feel so insecure that I wouldn’t want to leave the house with it and would have rather walked and been in pain than have had to sit in a wheelchair in public.

The previous wheelchairs I have owned were always big and clunky and were too much of a hassle to put in my car by myself and I was ready to finally own a wheelchair that I would be confident and feel cute sitting in. When I was 20 years old I bought a Colours wheelchair and customized it to be my own wheelchair built just for me.

I personalized my wheelchair by having my wheels chromed and having light purple incorporated in the chair, but not only did I make my wheelchair a lightside view of Farah's wheelchair showing off the purple flame rims purple but I also had light purple inserts put onto my wheels that look like flames. By customizing my wheelchair I felt as if I could express myself in a way that not many other people can.

My wheelchair that I have now allows me to go from one place to another without feeling like I am not able to express myself. I remember growing up thinking that I could not associate the words “cute” and “disability” together because society teaches us that it is undesirable, but with my wheelchair and everyday that I am out using it I hope that I am breaking that stereotype for not only the general public but also wheelchair users like myself.

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