From Demo to take it home: Stopping traffic with ZipZac

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head shot of Emily Flynn written by: Emily Flynn

Small boy sitting in his first independent mobility device


Ability Tools recently had the pleasure to be a part of the Bay Area Abilities Expo in San Jose. We met so many  wonderful people while working our AT showcase booth. This booth was filled with all sorts of different pieces of assistive technology where attendees had the opportunity to try out and learn more about the devices. We had the pleasure of meet all sorts of wonderful people but one family really stood out for us.

Meet the Brodrick Family, They have two sweet twin boys who just turned 2 years old on Thanksgiving. They were attending the Bay Area Abilities Expo looking for resources and devices for one of their boys who have multiple disabilities.

When walking past our AT showcase booth they noticed that we had a ZipZac available to try out. A ZipZac is a small usually colorful, personal mobility device for small children.  I noticed that they had been admiring the ZipZac and asked if they had Photo of family with son using the ZipZac mobility Deviceand questions about our program. Both parents explained that they had looked into purchasing a ZipZac for their son so he can play independently with his brother but they devices are pretty expensive. I asked if they would like to try it out and they were a little hesitant at first because their son had had a GI tube placed earlier that week and he is still a little tender. With some alternatives made to the seat to make it softer he was set. At first he was a bit reluctant to push and cried a bit being away from mom but that passed quickly when his brother began to run and jump around him in joy.

After seeing the the huge difference this device had made to this family and this little boys independence my supervisor and I quickly figured out a way to process the loan and send it home with the family. We went into this expo not expecting to process any loans so we had to get a little creative. While mom stayed at the booth with her son and the ZipZac, Dad and myself found a computer with a printer to get the loan completed. I showed him how to complete an account on our AT Exchange and how to request the device. After his request was in I could do my part and complete the process of the loan.

When Dad and I returned with all the paperwork signed their little guy was zipping around and stopping traffic. He brought a crowd to our booth with lots of questions. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to meet the Brodrick family and assist them in helping their son gain his independence.

If you or anyone you know have any questions about devices available and how the Device loan process please contact Ability Tools at (800) 390-2699 or [email protected]. You can also visit the AT Exchange for a complete list and information about all devices available for loan.

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