Ed Roberts Day: January 23, 2017

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Written by Yolanda Vargas; YO Disabled and Proud Youth Organizer

Ed Roberts is known as the father of the Independent Living Movement. But, before he was the father of anything, he was just a college student trying to get around. As a quadriplegic attending college during the 60’s Ed was forced to rely on a third party to push his wheelchair to get him from point A to point B. Ed gained access to a sip and blow wheelchair, which is a motorized wheelchair that its owner can maneuver by blowing or sipping into a tube located near the owner’s mouth. This assistive technology opened up Ed’s independence further and allowed him to continue his passion fighting for independence.

Stack of three mugs with different Ed Roberts designs

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Often times when people think of assistive technology  they think of it in terms of how it can increase productivity for a person with a disability in the workforce or in a scholastic setting which is great, but assistive technology shouldn’t be excluded from the more recreational parts of a person’s life. The passion and fire that Ed used to further the disability rights movement is the same passion and fire he used to live his life. Ed once said “There’s so much to life, if you’re into it”. That type of insight is why Ed Roberts continues to be such an amazing mentor to people with disabilities because his wisdom goes beyond the field of just activism and touches on all facets of life. Don’t limit the ways you use assistive technology, because really all you are doing is limiting your own possibilities. Live life like Ed and get what you need to have the life you want.

Ed Roberts poster featuring a photo of Ed Roberts shaking hands with blind man in office

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