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Device Lending & Demonstration Centers

October 2023

Questions Asked


In the RFA it says that the centers will be given devices from CFILC to fill the lending library. What types of items are these?

A range of low to high tech devices that would support individuals with disabilities with independent Community Living, Education and Employment

Will the second year’s budget be $24,000?

We cannot provide an estimation of what future contract amounts may be. For the current annual amount, please refer to page 2, section "First Contract Period" of the RFA.

Are there limits in regard to how much an item costs, or is it open as long as it fits into the budget?

As long as it is within the budget, there are no item cost limits.

Is it $1000 per month minimum for shipping and sanitation, or for the entirety of the contract?

The contract term budget total is $45,820, you must have minimum of $1,000 budgeted for Sanitization and Shipping and a minimum of $10,200 for equipment purchases.

Can we include, as an example, rent under Operations?

Please refer to page 2 of "Attachment C Budget Instructions". Line O-5 through O-7 Enter description & dollar amount. This can be any other direct expense including non-indirect overhead directly related to the operation of the DLDC program.

Notice of Intent to Award

Notice of Intent to Award [DOCX] (11/2023)