‘Tis the Season for Festive Feasting!

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As the Holiday Season approaches, it evokes a time of diverse traditions worldwide. Despite the cultural differences, there’s a common thread that unites us all: these occasions are marked by gatherings of loved ones, expressions of gratitude, and of course heaps of delicious FOOD! So, in the spirit of the holidays get ready to chow down with the Ability Tools Team as we serve up our Top 10 picks of assistive tech that’s sure to enhance your dining experience!

Three people toasting over a festive meal set on a table with candles. Beneath the Where it's AT logo, text reads "'Tis the Season for Festive Feasting!"  www.AbilityTools.org"

1. PKPKAUT Adaptive Weighted Utensils on Amazon for $28.99

Adaptive utensils designed for individuals with hand tremors, arthritis, stroke, or limited hand strength. The utensils are weighted to provide stability and support and bendable to accommodate different grip styles. The set includes a universal cuff with an elastic hand strap for easy and secure holding.

2. Vive Spill-Proof Scoop Plate on Amazon for $17.99 for 2 pack

The high, sloped rim and wide base with nonslip ring provide stability, allowing for easier scooping and less food spillage.

3. Choke Proof Drinking Cup Ehucon Dysphagia Regulating Drinking Cup on Amazon for $46.99

Helps to Prevent Choking for People with Dysphagia and other conditions that effect ability to swallow.

4. Clip-On Food Guard for Plates on Amazon for $14.89 for 2 pack

Snaps onto any 9″-10″ plate, and has three hooks that attach it securely to the edge of the plate. The incurve plate surround protects food from falling off the plate while eating. Helps to push the food onto the utensil to assist with one handed eating.

5. EazyHold Silicone Universal Cuff Aid for Limited Hand Grip on Amazon for $39.99 for 5 pack

These silicone cuffs can be used for a number of applications. Designed to be able to hold a wide variety of items that range in size.

Fred Adams demonstrates how he uses EazyHold Cuffs to eat independently.

6. Tenura Extreme Non-Slip Tray Liner Mat- Translucent Green on Maxiaids for $21.95

Super tacky material sticks to surface it is placed on (leaving no residue when removed) to securely hold plates, bowls, and cups.

7. ‘Cook-Helper’ One Handed Cutting Board on Amazon for $87.00

Demonstration of how to use Cook-Helper One handed Cutting Board

This adaptive kitchen set includes clamps for holding small items, a special holder for most vegetable graters (grater not included), a one-hand peeler, bread stops for easy sandwich-making, and suction cups for a secure table hold.

8. 4 in 1 Fullstar Vegetable Chopper on Amazon for $29.99

Effortlessly julienne, chop, and slice vegetables. Built-in chop lid lets you cut foods directly into the collection tray without need for a knife and cutting board.

9. Higher Torque Electric Jar Opener on Amazon for $18.39

Hands-free solution for individuals with weakness in hands, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, making opening jars effortless.

10. Pot Stabilizer for One-Handed Stirring on Amazon for $32.58

Plated steel folding pan holder with suction cups that attaches to the stove top to secure the handle of pots and pans. It prevents cookware from turning while cooking, making it easier for single-handed stirring

Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with cherished traditions, gratitude, and delectable feasts. With the help of assistive technology, may your dining experiences be more enjoyable and inclusive. Cheers to a wonderful celebration with loved ones!