Live Braille: Lightest Travel Aid For Visually Impaired And Possibly A Cane Replacement

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Written by Venkat Rao, Assistive Technology Blog 

 Live Braille: Lightest Travel Aid For Visually Impaired And Possibly A Cane Replacement


We have heard about many 3D printed assistive technology solutions in the recent past, and  Live Braille is the latest addition to that set of solutions. Developed by an Indian startup, Live Braille is worn like a ring on a finger. Once worn by a visually impaired person,  Live Braille detects objects and hurdles around them and provides haptic and audio feedback, indicating where and how far the objects are.

The Mini version of Live Braille weighs only 29 grams (1 ounce), and is so light that it is barely felt on the wearer’s hand.   Charged via USB, it can last for up to 6 hours of continuous use. There is also a Mine E version that comes in three different variations. Mini E has internal storage that can hold audio books and files, and also has an in built FM radio. Mini E can also detect obstacles within 4.5 meters long range whereas the Mini goes up to 3.5 meters. Both versions of Live Braille start shipping worldwide starting July 1. Prices range from $299 – $699.

Check out the video below to hear more about what  Live Braille does and how it does it, straight from the inventor of the product Abhinav Verma. This video also features a 7th grader who is blind, and has been using Live Braille for one year. The interview with him is in Hindi, but basically the kid seems to suggest that he likes Live Braille for the most part. He explains a little bit about how the haptic feedback works – the vibrations are slower when the object is farther but gets faster as the object gets closer.


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