A Wheelchair User’s Guide to the California Coast

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Summertime is here and beaches are a very common destination for those looking to cool off. California’s spectacular coast offers many outdoor adventures for wheelchair users, parents pushing strollers, and others who need accessibility features such as a wide, fairly level and firm path of travel. These travel guides and resources that can help wheelchair users choose a destination that suits their accessibility needs.

Color coded map of California highlighting the accessible beach areas

Accessible Travel Guides

Access Northern California

Access Santa Cruz County

Accessible Nature Travel

Accessible San Diego

San Francisco Access Guide

A Wheelchair Rider’s Guide to the Los Angeles and Orange County Coast (interactive guidepdf version)

A Wheelchair Rider’s Guide: San Francisco Bay and Nearby Coast



Beach Wheelchairs

Specially designed chairs that roll over sand are available free of charge at many beaches. Most are manually operated and must be pushed by someone, but a few in southern California are motorized and can be operated independently. Each beach has its own policies regarding chair use. Typically they cannot be reserved in advance, but it’s advisable to call before you visit to check availability. Please check out this list of beaches that state that they have beach wheelchairs available. List of beaches with beach wheelchairs

accessible power beach wheelchair with colorful umbrella attached sitting on a white sand beach with bright blue water in the background

information source: http://wheelingcalscoast.org/resources.php

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