Ability Tools: Assistive Technology Network & California Tech Act Project.

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Slide #1: Graphic of AT Network is now Ability Tools.. Click for more information.

Slide #2: Search the AT Exchange for AT to borrow, to buy, or for FREE!. You can also sell or give away your AT, all on the AT Exchange. Search for AT Now

Slide #3: Discover the Device Lending Libraries. Borrow an AT device for 30 days. With thousands of items to choose from, find what works for you. Search for items to borrow

Slide #4: Reuse = FREE or Low-Cost AT. Gently used wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and more can be found at reuse centers or on the AT Exchange. Find a reuse program near you

Slide #5: Learn About AT via Webinars and In-Person Hands-On Trainings. Shannon test drives the WHILL personal mobility device. What AT do you want to explore? Click to learn more about our AT trainings

Slide #6: Graphic of the DIgital Access Project; Take the Survey.. Click for more information.

AT Definition

Assistive Technology (AT) is any object, device, or tool used to make life easier.