Tips for Safe Socializing: Social Distancing ≠ Social Isolation

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If it is not possible for you or a household member to utilize a face mask to safely go out into the community, put routines in place which will support socialization, mental, and physical well-being.

This blog includes some activity ideas which can assist your family in creating healthy routines.

A small group of people wearing jackets and utilizing facemasks while having a conversation outdoors. The title on the image reads - Tips for Safe Socializing: Social Distancing ≠ Social Isolation

Household Activities

Plan activities as a group. Having a routine and sticking to it instills stability and security during uncertain times and helps to ease anxieties.

Start a weekly household game night.

Some indoor activities can include:
• Board games
• Video games
• Card games
• Scavenger hunts

Some outdoor activities can include:
• Flashlight or freeze tag
• Water balloon fights
• Simon Says
• Catch
• Foursquare

Consider physical activities geared towards your household’s interests. Dance parties, sports (baseball, badminton, etc.), or boot camp workouts.

Meal plan together, gathering input from all household members. Have meal prep be a family affair with everyone having a role to contribute.

Designate special times for one-on-one and group activities.

Social distancing walks to get everyone out as a household.

Calming activities like coloring books/apps, drawing with sidewalk chalk, puzzle books/apps, and meditation apps.

Virtual Solo Activities

Access free content like audiobooks, radio dramas, music, and film. These materials are available in multiple languages, via Librivox and the Internet Archive.

Listen to podcasts via your favorite podcast app.

Tour the world online for free: provides virtual tours of museums around the world. provides film and stage performances of dance, music, and
. and are providing virtual tours of national parks.
Google Street View allows you to walk around United States-based Disney parks.

Many zoos and aquariums are offering livestreams of their residents:
San Diego Zoo
Houston Zoo
Georgia Aquarium
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Virtual Group Activities

Video call using an Echo Show provides face-to-face communication using simple commands, like “Call Mom”.

Zoom, House Party, and Bunch offer face-to-face interactions with loved ones. People can meet up with friends, hang out, or play games like: Bingo, Pictionary, household item scavenger hunts, virtual geocache challenges, or have sing-alongs.

Netflix Party is a Chrome laptop/desktop browser extension which enables people with Netflix subscriptions to have live watch parties, including real time chat, with physically distant loved ones.

Online gaming – Social games with low-impact gameplay encourage positive online interactions. Check out games like: Animal Crossing, Don’t Starve Together, Minecraft (on servers like the Mineplex Server) and Starbound via Steam.

Virtual pen pals can be obtained via: Facebook groups, Discord groups, and Google Meet.

You can correspond with people around the world, share pictures, and stories while learning about other cultures.

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Tips for Safe Socializing: Social Distancing ≠ Social Isolation

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