AT for Spring Cleaning: Less Mess for Less Stress

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Spring is a season of renewal, of fresh starts and new beginnings. And in the spirit of transformation we have gathered some helpful resources and ideas to ease the burden of Spring Cleaning and simplify the process of decluttering our physical and mental spaces! Because lets all face it- Less mess equals less stress!

Combat feelings of being overwhelmed by making a plan

It’s no secret that visual clutter can cause anxiety, making it hard to relax, and elements of some disabilities can make already daunting chores even harder to get done. AARP offers 8 easy tips to help you get started. One of the biggest take aways is to begin by dividing items into three categories: trash, donate, and keep. Always start with removing trash first. As you begin sorting your piles you can begin to clear out larger surfaces like desktops, and floors.

Scheduling time to work on decluttering and organizing on a regular basis can make it easier to manage. Apartment Therapy has a great trick for getting yourself around the mental block of getting started: set a timer, knowing how long a task takes to accomplish can help reframe your feelings about it and motivate you to tackle the task! Placing a chore reminder chart like this Magnetic Chart from Hendson or Piqola’s Chore Checklist Chart hung in strategic locations of your home like a kitchen or bathroom can be great memory support tools for people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities or those with ADHD. Additionally, alarms can be set on smart devices to schedule reminders for tasks that need to be completed on a regular and less frequent basis like: swapping out HVAC filters, changing your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, cleaning gutters, scheduling pest control, and tree maintenance.

Consider giving back to your community

Two piles of folded shirts on wooden table. First pile is labeled KEEP and second pile is labeled DONATE

If you have difficulty letting go of things that still have use value, pass it along to someone in need! There are many places that will take donations like local Community Centers, Places of Worship, Goodwill, and Emergency Housing Shelters. Consider using apps like Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and the Buy Nothing Project. If you are finding it difficult to decide what in your closet you are ready to let go of, consider trying the reverse hanger trick shared by chez by che.

Storage and labeling ideas

Now that you’ve purged items you no longer need you may need to find a place to store overstock or seasonal items that you don’t need on a daily basis. Upgrading to clear storage containers can make it easier to decipher whether what’s inside is your priceless collection of comic books or your Holiday Décor. For those who want to take your organization to the next level, try Smart Labels. Smart Labels are QR codes that you can scan and manage from a mobile application. You tell the app what you are storing and where so it’s easy to find later. Use the search tool in the app to search for and find your stuff! WayAround also offers an accessible tag-and-scan system that supports people with vision-based disabilities with audio play back of information you associated with a WayTag.

The right tool for the job

Kitchen gadgets

If those dishes won’t stop looking at you dirty, try tackling them with an Augctoer Glass Rinser. It makes quick work of rinsing out cups, mugs, and glasses, not to mention that it allows you to do it all one handed. The Non- Slip Cutlery Kitchen Cleaner by Joseph Joseph, alleviates the risk of injury from a knife slip.  And for those who may have difficulty with gripping objects try one of these: Glass cup double brush washer with suction cup base, or the Suctioning/Handheld Scrub Caddy.


Floors can sometimes be tricky to clean for those who are seated in a wheelchair or have disabilities related to mobility. A Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum like the FABULETTA 24 Kpa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and suitable for one-handed cleaning. This model comes with 6 attachments and can be used in a seated position. Even better, you can go completely handsfree with a Smart Robot Vacuum like the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, which combines the convenience of a self-empty base + IQ Navigation total home mapping.


Some tried and true favorite AT tools for deep cleaning are those that are multi-functional, portable, and easy to use. These options are versatile, lightweight, can be operated one handed, help avoid unnecessary kneeling and bending, and can be used from a seated position. This 3 in 1 Scrub Cleaning Brush with Long Handle: by Wagevedex can be used to scrub tubs, walls, baseboards, windows and glass sliding doors.  The Cordless Electric Spin Brush: by ZakInLife offers versatility, adjustable extension handle, 4 Replaceable brush heads for bathroom, kitchen, floor, and car. Extendable Dusters for Cleaning: by oosofit is a Microfiber Duster Kit for High Ceiling includes 3 different microfiber dusters. The Blade Maid Deluxe cleans high ceiling fans, lighting, fixtures, moldings easily and effectively without climbing ladders dangerously. It can also manage baseboards, blinds and even car interiors.

Transform your space, transform your mind! Decluttering can work wonders on your mental health, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Remember the goal here is progress and not perfection!