Zoom’s Newest Updates

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Making sure your Zoom account is up-to-date is not only a good rule of thumb for ensuring that your program runs smoothly, but is also a good way to ensure that you have access to all of the newest and most exciting features these platforms have to offer.

If you want to be sure your program is running the most current version available, you can visit:

Transfer meetings between devices – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

With this newest update scheduled for August 21, 2021 and rolling out to customers over time, users can now effortlessly transition between desktop and mobile. This will enable users to remain in meetings when they need to leave their computers or conversely, eliminate the awkwardness of running late for a meting and joining using mobile, to only then sign out and back in again when they regain access to their computer. People can now benefit from the flexibility of the mobile app and the broad range of features in the desktop app as needed.

Automatic reactions from gesture recognition – iPad

Easily the most fun update on this list – People who use iPads to join Zoom meetings have a fun new feature to enjoy. On iPad, visual gestures like “Raised Hands” or “Thumbs Ups” that a person performs when displaying live video, will automatically trigger the appearance of the corresponding meeting “Reactions” in the upper corner of their video. A pretty fun and also very cool accessibility feature for people who would benefit from not having to navigate the meeting “Reaction” menu.

Support for Virtual Background images without a green screen – Linux

Surely there will be a chorus of joy from Linux users upon the announcement of this update. Linux users will now be able to utilize virtual backgrounds without the need of a green screen!

Support for foldable devices – Android

Doing a great job of keeping up with the newest technologies that will be running their app, Zoom has implemented user interface enhancements for when a person folds their foldable Android device. Zoom will be able to detect the change in device mode and will automatically shift meeting/webinar controls to the lower half of the screen.

Focus Mode

Very useful if you are attempting to direct a group of people, focus mode allows only the host to see participants’ videos and profile pictures, allowing participants to focus on the content of the meeting. To find “Focus Mode”, look in the “More” menu on the toolbar.