Wrapping up the Holidays

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With the holidays around the corner, there are many gifts being exchanged. However, gift wrapping and opening can sometimes be the “most stressful time of the year” ::Andy Williams playing in my mind::. Here is some AT that might help with gift giving:

An adult and child wearing winter themed attire work together to tie a bow to a gift. The text box is framed with a bow at the top, Under the Where it's AT logo, the text reads Wrapping up the Holidays - abilitytools.org



A hands free tape dispenser is the perfect tool to wrap gifts without worrying about the hassle of reaching for the roll of tape. This tool conveniently places the tape on the widest part of the hand for a sturdy hands-free tape dispenser.

Tacky glue dots are an alternative to tape that can oftentimes be difficult to manage. The glue dots easily adhere to many surfaces. They can be used on wrapping paper or on bows.

A rotary cutter performs the same job as scissors, but requires less constant fine motor movement. The circular blade has an easy grip handle that is made for both right- and left-handed users. The Rotary Cutter comes in a variety of blade thicknesses, handle angles, and handle types.

Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter makes cutting gift wrapping paper a lot easier. The device is an easier to grip plastic tube with a blade attached. Once the wrapping paper is measured, this tool is placed on the tube of wrapping paper. When the Little ELF Cutter is pushed forward, the paper is cut perfectly.

A wrapping paper cutter knife is a very small tool that cuts paper for you. The blade is concealed at the front of the cutter. To cut, simply place the paper in the designated slot and push it away from you. If you need a larger grip consider using a foam grip.

A wrapping paper roll cutter  is perfect for a quick one-step cut. The nonslip stand can be placed on a tabletop or mounted to the wall. The tube is inserted in the designated area and the edge of the wrapping paper is placed right under the cutting area. Simply pull up to cut straight across.

Wrap Buddies are a perfect 2-in-1 tool. Both plastic Wrap Buddies are positioned on the table with a gift-wrapping paper tube right between them. The plastics on both sides of the tube keep it steady while cutting. The Wrap Buddies also act as a tape dispenser. Wrapping paper is not the only way a gift can be gifted. Tin and cardboard boxes and gift bags are great ways to quickly wrap a present. Also, if the gift is being purchased at a store it never hurts to ask if the store wraps gifts!


If you know someone who might benefit from an easy to open gift, try wrapping with accessibility in mind:

A TikToker named @chronicallyjenni created a video showing us her method to accessibly wrap gifts.

Pensylvania’s Assistive Technology Program, TechOwlPA, created a TikTok showing us a sensory sensitive wrapping hack.


#sensory sensative wrapping #hack for the holiday. Its important to know that people respond to things differently. #Autism #Accessibility #disability

♬ The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) – Nat King Cole Trio

A staff member on our team has a technique they use to make gifts easier to open in their home. They specifically buy thin wrapping paper from the dollar store that easily tears and attach large pretty gift tags to their gifts using strong packing tape. This has the benefit of providing their gifts a showstopping appearance and also a useful handle for their loved one to grab onto and create a first tear to aid in opening. You can follow her steps here!

Hands hold a wrapped gift with a finger holding open the top untaped seam. There is a frozen themed gift tag and a roll of packing tape in the background.

Step 1 – Wrap your gift, leaving a seam open, preferably at the top.

Hands hold a Frozen themed gift tag with the ribbon of the tag being wrapped in clear packing tape

Step 2 – Choose a large and sturdy gift tag that has a ribbon (Costco sells tags perfect for this project) and fold packing tape around the ribbon, turning it into a sturdy stick.

Hands hold a long strip of packing tape with the ribbon of the tag laying horizontally across the middle of the tape. The wrapped gift is in the background.

Step 3 – Lay the ribbon stick horizontally across the middle of a long strip of packing tape.

Hands apply the top of the tape strip to the top, untaped seam, of the wrapped gift.

Step 4 – Attach the top end of the strip of packing tape to the open top seam of the gift.

A wrapped gift with a frozen gift tag attached to the front.

Step 5 – Smooth the strip of packing tape all the way down the front of the gift, pressing it on the paper securely and you’re done!

Hands hold the partially unwrapped gift with with the tag in the foreground.

When it’s gift opening time, your recipient simply needs to hold onto the large, easier to grip, gift tag and pull. The paper rips away with the tag!

We hope you have learned about some options that make gift exchange a less stressful activity. Remember to have grace when receiving gifts and giving gifts. The true beauty of the holiday season is spending time with our loved ones, and they do not worry about how their gift is wrapped.

Happy Holidays from the Where it’s AT team!