Transitioning From High School to the Adult World.

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Submitted by: Ability Tools with Collaboration with YO! Disabled and Proud.

Photo of young women sitting in a power chair smiling

Emily Leach- Youth from Buena Park CA.

Meet Emily Leach, A youth from Buena Park CA who transitioned from high school to the adult world.  She found out about a youth program called, Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud, through Dayle McIntosh Center’s YO! Volunteer Supervisor, Brittany Hepler.

YO! connects, organizes and educates youth with disabilities! YO! gives youth leadership opportunities, social networks, resources and more. YO! is for youth with disabilities to be PROUD of who we are and what we can achieve!  Visit to learn more about YO!

“I have used several pieces of assistive technology in my daily life. For starters, I use a power wheelchair to make my mobility as independent as possible and I have adaptive desks that allow me to be at the same height as my peers. I also have a laptop with a touch screen to make it easier to type and a speech to text program on my computer that helps me to type faster, while not getting fatigued.

Assistive technology allows me to stay at the pace as peers without falling behind or feeling like I am not as capable as they are. Also with the help of assistive technology I am able to work around my disability and let it stop me from achieving my academic or personal goals.”

Join us for a FREE Ability Tools Webinar Training on Assistive Technology Tools for Transition on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 • 10:00AM – 11:30AM (PST). Register here: 

TASK LogoPresented by:  Laura Simmons-Martinez, Assistive Technology Program Manager, Team of Advocates for Special Kids

Technology can play a big role in successfully transitioning from high school to the adult world. We will introduce the different types of technology that may be useful in high school, college, in the workplace and to help foster independence. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what types of technology are out there to help older students and adults with special needs and where to obtain that technology.

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