Technology Keeps Seniors Connected to Their Community and Beyond

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by Seniorly Contributor

Over half of adults aged 65 and older use the Internet, and this number is only growing. With the increase in mobile options including tablets and e-readers,older Americans are gradually becoming more and more tech-savvy.

This growing comfort with technology opens doors for other tools that can help older adults stay connected as they age. For example, remote patient monitoring tools can track blood pressure, glucose levels, sleep patterns and more. These devices can be programmed at home and are easy for the elderly to use on their own. Changes in health status are sent to health care providers and caregivers, who can use this information to intervene before a health crisis occurs. This type of technology can make a world of difference in the lives of seniors hoping to remain independent, and the caregivers who seek peace of mind in caring for their aging loved ones.

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Some top picks for remote patient monitoring tools:

– The Veesag Advanced Health Watch with built-in emergency SOS button, GPS, Medicine Reminder and wireless connection capabilities.

– The LifeLink Response Medical Alert System provides 24 hour safety with EDM Certified Monitoring and Auto Fall Detection Alert.

Healthsense health and safety monitoring solutions with real-time alerts, a life safety pendant, and emergency call capabilities.

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