Man holding a smart phone up to his face covering his eyes and the eyes shown in the screen of the phone are noticeably different eyes

“Borrowing site” with Be My Eyes

An eye-opening app produced by a non-profit startup in Copenhagen hopes to change life for people who are visually impaired. Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who is visually impaired himself, came up with the idea for the application. Through his work at “The Danish Association of the Blind” he recognized, that visually impaired often need help to cope…’s $20 million grants are funding some really awesome assistive technology

Republished by: Assistive Technology Blog Google’s philanthropic arm, has awarded $20 million in grants to 29 organizations around the world through  “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities” – a mechanism to encourage forward thinking innovators to bridge gaps, and make assistive technologies available to a bigger audience. There are 1 billion disabled people around the world…

golden grab bars along the left wall of the toilet

Top 5 ways to outfit the bathroom for disabled or elderly loved ones

Re-Published from the Assistive Technology Blog. Click here for original article Bathrooms can be very dangerous, both to the disabled and the elderly. The smooth surfaces, awkward movements, and generally solitary usage of the bathroom makes it one of the most common areas for accidental falls and injuries to occur, both for the elderly and…

Taiwanese ADA sign

AT (or AD in Taiwan): A systematic comparison

Written by Luke Hsieh, Assistive Technology Advocate; Community Access Center I have just returned from a two week vacation in Taiwan (my place of birth); during which I visited three very different disability service institutions. I also had the pleasure of being briefed on about the state of Taiwanese disability services, and how much it…