Our Staff’s Favorite Things

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The staff at The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) who work with the Ability Tools program are no strangers to using assistive technology (AT) themselves.

As part of the annual Ability Tools tradition, some of our staff members are sharing their favorite AT devices and tools this year.

Pressure Point Massage Hook

Photo of Emily wearing eyeglasses, holding a blue question-mark shaped apparatus.

I couldn’t image my life without assistive technology (AT). I use so many different types of assistive technology it is very hard to choose just one. But the AT that I am currently in love with and I use the most is my hooked pressure point self back and neck massager.

Due to a genetic condition and an old neck injury I live with chronic pain and this device allows me to relieve some of that pain while having to sit for long periods of time. I use it at the office, while I’m stuck in traffic, and at home. I owe my independence and comfort to AT!”

– Emily Flynn, Program Coordinator


crutches leaning up against a washing machine, and crutches up against a wall.

I can say with confidence that my favorite AT is a sturdy pair of crutches. Having dislocated my knee on several occasions, my crutches allowed me to be mobile and gave me a sense of independence during a time in which I felt otherwise. Not to mention, it was fun swaying back and forth on them when I got bored (I do not condone such reckless behavior).”

– Vanessa Cuellar, Youth Organizer

Microsoft Speech Input Software

I write a lot of essays and have a tendency to think faster than I can type. It helps the quality of my papers. Being able to speak while the computer captures my thoughts; my papers are more concise. Speech input helps with my process of writing. Before using it, I would have to write my paper physically, type it the paper, have someone proofread it, see my writing tutor, and then submit the paper. I now get to skip typing the paper and having someone proofread it.”

-Rae Keys, Youth Organizer

Large 7-Day Pill Organizer

Photo of Kyla’s left hand holding a pill holder with 7 small boxes. One of the box lids is lifted to show pills inside.

As a kidney transplant recipient, taking my meds on time is vital. And as a working mom, I have to put very simple systems in place to make things easy. Having my pills organized by day and having a reminder beep on my phone helps me stay on track.”

-Kyla Aquino Irving, Communications & Marketing Manager