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Submitted by MatchWare

MindView 6 AT (Assistive Technology) is a Mind Mapping tool that helps students who struggle with their academic work improve their reading and writing skills. The smooth transition from a visual Mind Map to Microsoft Office enables students to concentrate on their ideas first and convert them to a more traditional hierarchical format later (Word, PowerPoint).  In the case of Word, you’ll be able to export the mind map into academic formats i.e. MLA, APA, etc.  Files can be sorted within the mind map, making it easier to organize lecture notes, revision, and research.

[Screen capture of Mind Mapping Software]


Katherine Myers – Disability Services – Wright State University, Dayton Ohio

Matchware Myers


Disability Services is available as one of many resources on that journey; Wright State University strives to teach students skills that will assist them as they transition into the professional world. Their focus on independence is the reason that they are ranked as a national leader in accommodating students with disabilities.

“My one student who is also using MindView to manage her to do list and PA stuff told me she was going to use it to write a paper. She’s figuring it out on her own. I handle the syllabi for her and getting her academic stuff in it. She is doing the rest on her own. She’s one of my most severe students with ADHD.”

In collaboration with San Diego Access to Independence, the Ability Tools Southern California will have an in-person training on MatchWare’s Mind Mapping Improves Students Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills on Tuesday, February 28th in San Diego, CA. Join us to learn key features of MindView that assist students in their academic journey!  For registration details, please visit Ability Tools’ Training Registration Web Page at http://abilitytools.org/training/training-registration.php.

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