Disability History Week

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by Kirk Aranda, Youth Advocate for YO! Disabled & Proud

poster of three students arm in arm, two are in wheelchairs and each are wearing different shirts that say 504, ADA, and IDEAIt’s that time of the year everyone! 

It is officially the start of Disability History Week 2013. For this entire week, YO! members from all across the state will be going into different schools to educate students and teachers about disability history.  Lesson plans include people and events like Ed Roberts, the 504 Rehabilitation Act, the ADA and Justin Dart. 

YO! members’ presentations keep the students engaged with interactive activities, photos and videos all while providing them with exciting history lessons that keep them wanting more.

The Disability History Week (DHW) campaign originally started in 2009 and was passed by California legislature in August of 2010, making the second week of October officially Disability History Week here in California. With each passing year DHW continues to grow and succeed with its passionate youth leadership wanting to engage classrooms all over the state. Our efforts have led to over 160,000 disabled and non-disabled students learning about disability history, and we expect that number to grow even more this year.
This should be a very exciting week! Be sure to take part in DHW and talk to any students or teachers that you know about setting up a DHW lesson plan in your community! 
Happy Disability History Week!

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