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a bunch of different wrods having to do with AT and learning

The field of AT is ever-changing, multifaceted and oh-so-dynamic!  Sometimes it gets overwhelming to think about new and constantly evolving technology and the fact that there is always more to learn.  Well, the following blog writers can help you make sense of it all, and figure out which AT could work best for you and for your loved ones.

Assistive Technology Blog: OtoSense Mobile App: Re-Imagining Alerting Devices For Deaf, Hard Of Hearing

Michigan Assistive Technology Program Blog:  Smartphones can benefit and help Seniors

Assistive Technology Blog: Learn about assistive technology for people with reading disabilities, dyslexia, low vision, blindness and other disabilities that make reading, writing, and other tasks difficult. Written by someone who uses assistive technology to read and write.

Where it’s AT – Assistive Technology Blog: Year End App-Up

The Assistive Technology Blog: Guided Access on the iPad

Glenda’s Assistive Technology Information and more…Access, Technology and Communication options for the Disabled Population: Information Shared. Enabling Solutions ~ Opening Doors. Gift Giving Guide for Kids with Special Needs

Assistive Technology – Blog on the topic of assistive technology, eLearning, mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology: Science Under the Lens: ProScope Micro Mobile from Vernier

Edutopia -Assistive Technology: Learn about tools that support students with disabilities and methods to find and select technologies that help all students reach their learning goals: Resource Roundup

National Federation of the Blind Assistive Technology Blog – This blog focuses on looking for new and better ways to give blind people access to technology,… In these tips we want to share some of the pointers manufacturers and developers share with us to help you learn about new applications and new programs, and to help you find new functionality in familiar products. The Access Technology team works with the relevant manufacturers and developers to obtain the tips listed here, to make sure that you get the best and latest about anything new in the world of non-visual access technology.

IPAT ND Assistive Technology Blog: 5 Ways to Use a Computer Hands-Free

In addition to our own research and weekly blog, we like to keep up with these other AT-focused writers.  We’ve included some interesting and diverse articles and many of these sites tackle a variety of AT concerns.  Explore their posts and let us know what you think!


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